Will your future child look like your father or your mother? One simple talk can help you learn.

Like mother, like daughter or grandfather’s curly hairs or even a distant-aunt’s hazel eyes. Family resemblance is easy to notice from an early age. The part of the face that is the most ‘handed down’ is the tip of the nose, and the area just below it, known as the philtrum, a scientific study has found. The study created a map of the faces to represent the heritability of each part of the face. It found that the tip of the nose is around 66 per cent likely to be the result of your parents’ genes, and the philtrum (middle area of the upper lip) around 62 per cent. These areas, as well as the cheekbones and the inner corner of the eye were found to be most influenced by genetics.

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Isn’t the science and result of genetics extraordinary. As the child is growing-up there are striking resemblance in behaviours, food liking, choice of sports or even performance in studies. The pedigree of resemblance could be dominated by one the father’s or mother’s genes or can be a few mixed characteristics from parents, grandparents or second degree blood relatives. If a jovial friend asked you “Will your future child look like your father or your mother?”. It would be good fun to reply to that not sure about the looks, but the future kid would sing well just like me!

But do you ever worry that a health condition can also be passed from one generation to the next. Having an answer to this question can give you a feeling of reassurance, and confidence with a sense of control over your’s and family’s future.

As a parent you may have many obligations, some are for yourself, some are for your loved ones. Wouldn’t you want to find out more about how your genetics will influence your future child’s health and life. This is where a genetic counsellor can help you. They are trained to talk you, listen to you, understand, ask questions, analyse circumstances and interpret medical data from a genetic test. They can be your guide in helping you take an informed decision for better health and happiness.

If this blog coincides with a forthcoming happy news of your life then you may find value in talking to a genetic counsellor at truGeny. If you think you would want to spread the word about genetic counselling, we encourage you to share with your friends and family members. Next time you meet your jovial friend at a marriage or a maternity home, you may have a valuable suggestion to give. Let’s take a proactive approach to health.

genetic counsellor, genetic counselling, genetic counselling in india, trugeny