Poor air quality leading to poor health

22 of the world’s 30 most polluted cities are in India! If you are continuing reading this then there’s a high chance you are living in one of these cities and are concerned about your health. Social media posts about pollution levels went viral this time again during Diwali eve and a public health emergency was declared on 1st November. If you are in Delhi chances are that you have already inhaled the toxic air and suffered irritation of eyes and skin, nausea and breathlessness.”poor air quality health effects”

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Such conditions have proved that lung cancer disease is no longer a smoker’s disease. An NGO working on lung health awareness in India reports that smokers and non-smokers are at risk equally now. The toxic air of the city or chemicals in cigarettes causes damage to the cellular DNA over a prolonged period. Smoking reduces the body’s ability to prevent the formation of cancerous cells. The reason why particulate matter 10 and particulate matter 2.5 cause particles damage DNA in cells and causes cancer is not fully understood yet. However, various research studies have time and again established the causal links of emission pollutants such as sulphur dioxide with lung cancers. Genetic factors can also be a contributing factor. A study found that history of bronchitis, pneumonia and emphysema were shown to have a higher risk of developing lung cancer.

Citizens on social media were discussing and debating on the issues of air quality and its effect on health. One couple was unhappy about the situation and wanted to move out of Delhi citing the health concerns of their asthmatic child. A twitterati went on to say that nothing can compensate for cancer and respiratory illnesses caused by the polluted air. A worried mother posted “Our kids are dying in Delhi-NCR, minute by minute, breath by breath.” Doctors have warned that even though the impact of #AirPollution may not be immediately visible, it may have long-term effects, especially for pregnant women & their unborn babies. To understand the risks of your respiratory health issues on your children and unborn babies you can check for hereditary risks. A genetic medical counsellor can explain and help you understand better.

Lung cancer can be caused by shared environmental exposures, an inherited susceptibility or a combination of both. Unfortunately there’s a shortage of specialist doctors in India, pulmonologists may not be accessible easily. If you are thinking of taking a proactive step to prevent or understand your genetic susceptibility to lung diseases, you can talk to a certified genetic medical counsellor. Speaking with truGeny genetic medical counsellor can help you identify your risks of hereditary or sporadic lung cancers. If you have a family member with a history of lung cancer, you are encouraged for genetic counselling to fully understand your risks. The information from the genetic counselling and test can help you and your doctor take steps for better health. Take a proactive approach to health today.