Lifestyle disorders and your genes


The genetic composition of every human being is comprised of a unique coding sequence that might appear similar but is not identical in any way

. We do get genetic information encoded from our parents and it leaves a similar impact like in them. Sometimes the genes in offsprings are not the complete copy but do go through mutations. The results of those mutations either appear better or worse in some cases.

. The mutated genes leads to a disease or even risk of developing one in later stages of life. These alterations in the genes are considered as the cause of some chronic diseases including cardiac diseases, diabetes, different cancers, etc.

. Although most of us are prone to producing some or the other lifestyle disorders of heart, lung, and even diabetes or cancer. But the individuals who carry disease linked genes from their family or parents are undoubtedly more prone to develop chronic diseases at some point in life.

. With advancements in science and technology today, it is possible to trace the probability of developing such diseases so that preventive measures and precautions can be taken before time. It can help in minimizing the chances of developing such lifestyle diseases that get converted into fatal life threading conditions eventually over time.

. With never-ending list of lifestyle diseases, today there also exists endless methods to minimize its chances of occurrence.

What causes diseases?

  • Several contributors from genes, lifestyle changes, and even environmental factors contribute to some extent or cause the disease.
  • Like any neurological disorder, including Huntington’s Disease, specific diseases might only be confined to genetic defects. But there are endless diseases that are triggered by growing age, primarily due to vigorous lifestyle adaptations and changes.
  • Such lifestyle disease developments, including several types of cancers, can be minimized by being aware of our genetic formations. Knowing probable risks of developing such diseases makes a person more cautious about taking preventive measures.

What is the all hype about genetic testing these days?

  • It is a medical test designed to understand the structural composition of DNA, which includes genes, chromosomes, and characteristic proteins. There are thousands of genetic tests available for different reasons, and still, more in the process of making every day.
  • From prenatal testing to newborn screening and even for carrier testing for knowing the family history of genetic diseases, it helps in all. Genetic testing actually helps in identifying the root cause of the disease and several symptoms which either are not prominent enough yet or are not getting a proper cure.
  • A deep dig in the genome of every person decodes the root of the disease. After that, looking out for the cure becomes an easy process for the doctors

What does a genetic test reveal about lifestyle disorders?

  • A genetic test might decode several lifestyle disorders risks.
  • Endless diseases get triggered due to nutritional incompetencies, lifestyle issues like smoking, drinking alcohol, or even lack of exercise. All such things aggravate the chances of developing diseases, mainly if risks exist in the genes.
  • Does nobody actually think about what are the 10 most common diseases? But everyone must give a thought about it because that might lead to a path of reminding oneself that so many conditions exist being so common in everyone’s life.
  • Opting for a way to keep diseases at bay before something can trigger its development is taking a genetic test for a complete evaluation of risks.
  • So being aware of different types of diseases and their causes and prevention might not guarantee a complete healthy life, but the probability of that certainly increases.

What benefits do genetic tests offer?
It benefits in many ways, like:

  • Some of those tests, like gene tests, help identify mutations that might be a cause of any genetic disease.
  • Whereas chromosomal testing helps in identifying any genetic condition because of any extra copy presence.
  • Several DNA abnormalities can be identified after the birth of the newborn to understand the reason for a particular disease and further eases the treatment options.
  • It can even help in diagnosing any preimplantation issues that might be a hurdle in conceiving a child.
  • Pharmacogenetics is an exemplary effort of science today. It helps in understanding which medication of a particular dose can provide effective results for a specific disease. It saves time and, most importantly, lives in cases when the patient has limited scope to survive, etc.

How can taking a genetic test helps in minimizing the chances of developing any disease?

  • The disease susceptibility genetic test or DSGT helps in evaluating the fact of the presence of any defective genes. Those genes actually might exist in the entire family clan unknown until the test is run, or it starts showing its symptoms and gets diagnosed in the form of a disease.
  • Further, 7 to 8 lakh people in India alone are dying because of cancer; and the number even goes to 1 million for deaths caused by diabetes. Similarly, cardiac disorders also contribute to millions of deaths per year besides endless heart surgeries being conducting in making people survive.
  • t is always better to know about the existing deformities than let those deformities triggered by any environmental or lifestyle factor get converted into a disease. In this way, knowing it all before it exists provides a tool to prevent such diseases from becoming a real part of life.
  • Undoubtedly, precautions will become part of life if any such deformities are diagnosed in genetic testing, But that way, preventing disease is way better than living to fight and curing it.

What is the role of yoga in preventing lifestyle diseases?

  • Yoga is just a lifestyle adaptation or modification to help in preventing or healing of some diseases. Although yoga alone might not be the solution for diseases that occur mainly due to high-risk genes, one might possess.
  • Further, knowing about your genes and risk factors does give a realization of which lifestyle modifications to opt for.
  • So to achieve better health miles, yoga in combination with a balanced diet and lifestyle is a must


As per the statistical data mortality rate of non-communicable diseases or NCDs is growing every year. Several diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, stroke, different types of cancers, and many such diseases are taking their toll on the lives. Almost 71% of the global deaths are all due to such fatal diseases, which are often triggered by particular lifestyle or environmental factors.

But in reality, such diseases contribute to the existing genes that exhibit the risk of developing such diseases. So opting for genetic testing can help in knowing about such existing risks, and hence preventive measures can help.

Further, evidence supports the fact that 70% to 85% of the diseases can be prevented by adopting healthy lifestyle habits. For that also nutrigenomics does come in help revealing the interaction between certain foods and specific genes.

So to lead a long and healthy life, genetic counselling and testing are necessary for the several benefits it offers. For that TruGeny portal can be reached for any sort of assistance regarding the same. The portal not only provides personalised genetic insight but also ensure affordability.

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