Differently abled children and the Indian Society

The term Differently Abled is used as a substitute for Physically or Mentally Challenged Individuals. Our Indian society, even in the 21st Century, has not adapted themselves in accepting Differently Abled Children. In most cases, these children and treated with awkwardness, dislike, and sympathy. Whereas, they should be treated with empathy. As a matter of fact, in rural areas, they are considered a curse.

Not only the children, but their families also undergo mental and financial trauma because of societal pressure. Parents with differently-abled children abandon their kids, because of the societal pressure. At times they abandon them for the fear of financial exertion.

Differently Abled Children fall prey to discrimination leading to charity and even pity. They are often deprived of basic services like education. They are segregated from the others. In many cases, they face barriers that prevent them from enjoying their civil, political, economic, social, cultural, and developmental rights.

The lack of awareness, ignorance, and prejudice in our society has led to such a situation. It is also because some legislation fails to protect the rights of differently-abled children.

It is time we accept them, understand them. We treat them with empathy. Give them the rights they deserve. We should enable them with the justified opportunity they need. Our society needs some additions like taking care of their special needs to make them feel comfortable.

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